Fong Mansion Living Room and EntrywayFong Mansion Dining RoomFong Mansion History of Parkside Inn

Built in 1936 for Mr. and Mrs. Fong and their six children, the mansion was designed to be both stately and welcoming. The home was designed by an Oakland based architect and reflects a Mediterranean style of architecture unique to Sacramento. Mr. Fong was a prominent businessman in Sacramento’s Chinese community and is celebrated in the community today.

When the house was completed, one of Mr. Fong’s daughters remembers a house warming party that lasted almost three straight weeks. The home remained in the Fong family until the time of Mr. Fong’s passing.

After several ownership changes it was purchased and transformed into a Bed & Breakfast in the early 1990′s.

The Parkside Villa, opened early in 2007, further extends this tradition with extravagant spa slumber rooms for those who prefer a more contemporary, reclusive lodging experience

The Inn at Parkside honors the Fong family through its innovative fusion of Asian and European hospitality. Purchased in 2013 by the Kreun Family, the Inn at Parkside Bed and Breakfast continues in the Fong tradition of “over the top” graciousness.